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-The War Doctor Collection by Terrasolo
-The War Doctor Collection
Looks like I got myself a Christmas gift! Today my War Doctor Bandolier showed up 

The War Doctor first showed up on our screens in “The Name of the Doctor” and of course made his full story debut in “The Day of the Doctor”. IN that short time he already had some iconic pieces that I knew I wanted in my collection. 

1) The Bandolier
Probably his most unique piece of his entire look - as no Doctor before him has ever worn such a war specific piece with their style. I commissioned Magnoli Clothiers to make this item for my collection and the one you see here is the prototype. I have to say Magnoli really outdid himself here. I provided him with as much photo reference as I could find on the bandolier from all of its onscreen appearances and behind the scenes photos. One of the major selling points for me were the circular divots on the metal plates which I was originally told they were not going to replicate - and to which I fought for but in the end felt I had to reluctantly accept that they were not going to be a part of the replica - however to my surprise when Magnoli chose a different leather maker they went ahead and achieved the dimpled metal effect! I’m so happy with how it photographed too! They replicated every detail they could find, from the leather squares covered in metal plates, to the loose leather straps and bullet shell holders to the buckle. It’s a quality piece and I can’t recommend it enough. 

2) The Sonic Screwdriver
In "The Day of the Doctor" John Hurt actually used a modified Character Options toy of the Fourth Doctor sonic. So when it comes to screen accuracy, technically the toy is more accurate considering Character Options used their same Tom Baker molds to make the toy release by replicating the additions made by the production team (red end cap and red LED tip) on the screen used prop. That said, I don't like to have plastic props of items that are actually meant to be metal if I can help it. So in comes RB Replicas once again to save the day. The sonic pictured here is a very faithful 1:1 metal replica Russ made from the toy dimensions to fit in better amongst my other metal replica sonics. Recently I also had some help in getting this sonic to light red as it does in the show. So now it has set ready function as well as beauty. The modifications were made by Jamie Owens, Steven Valerio Jr, Randy Booz and myself

3) The Scarf
The history of the real scarf is muddled right now so I won’t speculate on that until we have solid information to share. With that said, I present the Magnoli Clothiers replica War Doctor Scarf. It’s a beautiful piece and while I want to distress it to look more accurate, I just can’t bring myself to do it. Yet. One day… one day.

4) The TARDIS Key
Ok, so this one isn’t actually screen accurate because we never saw the War Doctor’s TARDIS key on screen in his short time with us. That said, the TARDIS key is the one thing you can be sure every Doctor will have on with them so it’s the one prop I want to have to represent them all. I decided to for get my screen accuracy goals for once and took an artistic approach which allowed me to designed one of my own. Since John Hurt is a new Series Doctor and since he is set before the Ninth Doctor I settled rather quickly on the first key used in the New Series, the ERA key. I had given an identical ERA key to my girlfriend a couple years ago and she wears it every day. Because of this, the chrome finish has worn away and the key just looks awesome. I felt the weathered finish matched the War Doctor’s wore torn look perfectly. So with Ariel’s help we weathered the new key and when that was finished I added a brown cord for the ‘keychain’ as once again I felt it matched his look. The end result is a familiar, yet unique TARDIS key for the War Doctor.
-The Rose Tyler Collection by Terrasolo
-The Rose Tyler Collection
1) The Diesel Belt
This belt was first seen in the 2005 Christmas Special “The Christmas Invasion” and quickly became a signature piece for Rose’s Series 2 look as it was used in many stores that series. As far as props go this one wasn’t really ever on my list but life has a funny way of making things happen and now I am actually quite fond of the idea of having this piece in my collection. The original belt was made by Diesel, this replica was made by Daniel Pawlik

2) Rose Tyler Missing Flyer
As Seen in the story Series 1 Story "Aliens of London/World War Three". There is a great thread on for Doctor Who paper props. Some of them are pretty damn good while others could be a bit more accurate, just my opinion, and this flyer was one of those ones. Don’t get me wrong, the original replicator did a very nice job of it but my screen accurate eye took it to Photoshop to correct one or two things that I had noticed were a bit off. And naturally while doing that I found more and more, so in the end I started from scratch and recreated the whole poster myself using the best screen caps I could take from the episodes to reconstruct the picture of Rose, replicating the Metropolitan Police Badge completely and recreating all the text in Photoshop. I have a dirty, folded and cut version in the works to match the one Eccleston saw in the beginning of the episode but for now I’ll just post the clean one. 

3) The TARDIS Key
The Ninth Doctor gave this key to Rose in the Series 1 story in the story "Aliens of London/World War Three". The key you see here is made by ERA Security and it’s the same brand key that was used for half of Series 1 although ERA keys would continue to be used off and on up until Series 3 at least. Rose’s key had a pretty specialized key chain as well, matching the nautical theme of the Doctor’s dress sense and coral Console Room. I recreated this key and chain after researching many screen caps and promo pictures to get it exact. I even blew up the photos to count all the links in the chain! The chain is a pocket chain/wallet chain with a sailing D-Shackle on the end.
Anniversary Recreation by Terrasolo
Anniversary Recreation
This past weekend we took to Long Island for L.I. Who. While there, this happened. As organized by our Eleventh Doctor.

Photo taken by: Zayne L. Miller

The Doctors seen here are

1st: Sasha Shame
2nd: Jarrad Rosa
3rd: Ryan Burke
4th: Brandon Clauser
5th: Clay Dockery
6th: Tom Keeler
7th: Bryan M Schaefer
8th: Evan Ockershausen
War: Bryan Hughes
9th: Bo Yordy
10th: Myself
11th: Justin M. Whitmore
12th: Emmanuel Lebron

Doctor Who Cosplay
Happy New Year everyone! (sorry for the delay in that, I've been a bit under the weather.) 

The change has happened. Terrasolo Cosplay is now officially Terrasolo Pictures! (Though the link remains the same) Here you will not only find updates on my Cosplay but now you will be kept up to date with my film work and anything else I may have a hand in entertainment wise. 

To see some of my film work I've added an album to this page with links in the description of each film poster to the videos on YouTube. 

I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your support of my cosplay work as the Doctor and I hope to see you all at future events (I'll post those up as and when I know them) and I truly hope you all enjoy my film work. Lots more to come!…


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