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Anniversary Recreation by Terrasolo
Anniversary Recreation
This past weekend we took to Long Island for L.I. Who. While there, this happened. As organized by our Eleventh Doctor.

Photo taken by: Zayne L. Miller

The Doctors seen here are

1st: Sasha Shame
2nd: Jarrad Rosa
3rd: Ryan Burke
4th: Brandon Clauser
5th: Clay Dockery
6th: Tom Keeler
7th: Bryan M Schaefer
8th: Evan Ockershausen
War: Bryan Hughes
9th: Bo Yordy
10th: Myself
11th: Justin M. Whitmore
12th: Emmanuel Lebron

Doctor Who Cosplay
42 by Terrasolo
A recent photo of my Tenth Doctor Cosplay and TARDIS taken at Retrocon 2014 by Ian Andrew. 

Doctor Who Cosplay
Rise of the Cybermen Collection by Terrasolo
Rise of the Cybermen Collection
Say what you will about RTD's alt universe Cybermen, personally I love them. I always enjoy a good parallel reality story and this one was no different. With that, I have had some recent additions to my prop collection, both by the brilliant Mooncrest Models 

Left to right, as usual:

1) The TARDIS Power Cell 
"It's nothing. It's tiny. One of those insignificant little power cells that no one ever bothers about, and it's clinging onto life, with one little ounce of reality tucked away inside. "
Well, let's be fair, this wasn't insignificant within the story and it certainly isn't in reality! Gary did an outstanding job on this piece. He really went to bat listening to requests and feedback from people like me and I can't thank him enough for his patience and willingness to listen. But really, I knew he had this all perfectly well in hand without us, his work is always excellent. For the ligths, Gary worked in a very simple but effective way to turn them on so that the prop can be displayed on or off and you'd never see a unsightly switch. 

2) Cybus Earpods
Using a similar simple activation switch Gary was able to make the lights of the Earpods flash just as they did in the show. The work on this piece is beautifully detailed, right down to the flawless Cybus logo. So far though, they have yet to tell me a joke or make me report to the conversion stations, which, in fairness is probably a good thing. 

3) A Cybus Cyberman Head
You've seen it in this album before but this collection wouldn't be complete with out it. However, for the sake of completion, this piece is the Character Options voice changer helmet that has been upgraded by my friend Jimmy (one of the Eleventh Doctor's you'll see in my pics) with a metalic finish repaint as well as some other fine details to turn this toy into a quality replica.
Recreation by Terrasolo
A friend showed me this t-shirt for the Tenth Doctor and it got me thinking, did the artist use photo reference like so many do? They clearly used the Character Options sonic screwdriver toy so it stands to reason that they did take a picture before drawing this graphic. So, it then got me wondering, if I recreated this picture with my prop replica collection would that then be life imitating art imitating life? And with that, it was enough to make me do it. I'd love to see the original artist's photo reference on day, if it does indeed exist, because that would be a fun transition to see. 
Happy New Year everyone! (sorry for the delay in that, I've been a bit under the weather.) 

The change has happened. Terrasolo Cosplay is now officially Terrasolo Pictures! (Though the link remains the same) Here you will not only find updates on my Cosplay but now you will be kept up to date with my film work and anything else I may have a hand in entertainment wise. 

To see some of my film work I've added an album to this page with links in the description of each film poster to the videos on YouTube. 

I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your support of my cosplay work as the Doctor and I hope to see you all at future events (I'll post those up as and when I know them) and I truly hope you all enjoy my film work. Lots more to come!…


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Independent Film Maker, Artist, Actor and Musician. And a huge Doctor Who fan, among man other similar interests.

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Hey Brian. Its me Dante the one that took the picture with you and Smoke at J1-Con.
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I thought so!! I was the Shinjiro that called you cute ^/////^ Now I can credit you to the photo when I post it here! -no idea how internet known you are-
Terrasolo Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh that was you! Thank you once again :) Please do tag me. I get around a bit on the net, or so I am told, so no worries. I'd love to see the picture.
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