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Sonic Screwdrivers by Terrasolo Sonic Screwdrivers by Terrasolo
And here are my Sonic Screwdrivers (all metal replicas aside from #6) again left to right:

1) Third/Fourth Doctor Sonic
2) Third/Fourth Doctor Sonic - with sound FX
3) Seventh/Eighth Doctor Sonic
4) Tenth Doctor Sonic - by MFX
5) Tenth Doctor Sonic - with Sound FX
6) Eleventh Doctor Sonic - Character Options toy for now
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kelvint123 Featured By Owner May 4, 2015
Hi I remember listening to the kasterborous podkast and you mentioned the body of the Third Doctor's Sonic was inspired by a device in Thunderbirds. I also came across this not sure if you saw it its from Captain Scarlet it may show where the inspiration for the emitted came from.…

I am curious about the Sonic Screwdriver in Inferno, it appears to be a different to the version seen in The Devils or maybe it just me.…
Terrasolo Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting find there. Do we know what year that is from? It certainly looks similar but not identical. If they did use that piece too then they modified the pins. 

The device used in "Inferno" is not a sonic screwdriver. He calls it a "door handle" and while some like to say it was a sonic screwdriver, the sonic screwdriver was an already established device in the show so it would have been called a sonic screwdriver in this scene if it was meant to be one. People can believe what they want really but I am going by what is mentioned on screen only. 
kelvint123 Featured By Owner May 7, 2015
I think when they were filming it was around Early 1967 and was broadcast 29 December 1967.

That is a really good point about the Sonic Screwdriver already being established, although it made a similar sound to the Sonic it would most like by one of the many Sonic related devices.  

Do you know if RB Replicas are still trading I have contact them a number of times via their website and Facebook page about a Quote for a Fourth Doctor's Sonic and not heard anything back. I have collected over the many tears all the toys versions and have the wand companies 10th Doctor's Sonic but I would like a metal 4th Doctor's Sonic.  
Terrasolo Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
So even if it wasn't the same tip used they could have been inspired by it. I wouldn't be surprised if someone on the show one day recalls the story of that prop and mentions this piece. 

That's the thing, it makes a sonic sound but not the classic sonic screwdriver sound - it's more of a whistling whur sort f sound - but since he calls it a "door handle" to me it's not a sonic screwdriver. If anyone else wants to think that it is, the no problem. For my collection it is not. Same as the giger counter device he uses in "The Three Doctors". By that point the classic sonic we all know was in use to why switch it for one story? So yeah, I don't count either but I won't stop anyone else who wants to. My collection will only have devices name checked the Sonic Screwdriver. Aside from the sonic cane, I'm just not interested in that. 

He should be although I know he travels a lot for shows and he often took days to respond to my emails due to that. I'd just keep trying. 
SciFiFan2013 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014
Did the 8th and 9th have a sonic? I thought the Tenth's was carried over from 9? Also, I could have sworn the Second had one too.
Terrasolo Featured By Owner Edited Dec 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The Eighth Doctor sonic you see above is from the 1996 TV Movie and then a replica of that prop was used in "Night of the Doctor" both starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor. So yes, the Eighth Doctor did indeed have his own sonic screwdriver. Also used by the Seventh Doctor in the TV Movie. 

The Ninth Doctor's sonic differed from Tenth's a a few ways. For one it didn't originally have a slider plate  (the part with the activation button above) although later in Series 1 they did convert one of the sonics to have a slider channel but it was really wide housed a different button. The ridges on the bottom of the handle are different shapes and the aluminum end piece is wider on the Ten prop. Stylistically they are a similar design but when viewed side by side you can see the differences. Tennant did use Eccleston's props from Series 2 and 3 but for Series 4 he got the #4 sonic you see above and then for "The Day of the Doctor" he used the #5 sonic you see. 

I'll be updating my sonic collection pic in the next couple of months with more details but in the mean time you can see the differences between the original Aztec Ninth Doctor Prop and the Series 4 Tenth prop here (both replicas)…

Aslo, yes the Second Doctor did have a sonic. Three in fact but his more iconic being the one used in "The War Games". My full collection pic will show all the main sonics the Doctor's have used over the years but I have one in production still so I can't posy a collection pic just yet. That said if you look at my props album on my page you can see more sonics in the specific Doctor collection pics, including the Ninth and Second Doctor sonics. The First and Sixth Doctors were the only ones to never use a sonic screwdriver. 
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